Kat O’brien – Luminous Ground

“Luminous Ground” is a 61 cm tall open cone form of translucent porcelain. It can evoke forms of listening, or amplified voice, music, or environmental sounds. At its “foot,” the cone is surrounded by 3 bright orbs (“20 cm “pearls of wisdom” as companions with similar external texture, internal light, and upward facing gaze. The group stands in a quiet place as an open invitation to museum visitors, perhaps also to generations past and future. We all experience intuition and other “knowledge” in our bodies in ways we sense but don’t fully understand. In an unspoken quiet way, could we sense some such knowledge in the space of the cone and orbs – perhaps a request : “Let us know what you know. Please go beyond limitations of what we believe is possible. Please share your knowledge with us, here, in this present moment,” The light and organic textured gestures in the cone and orbs imply a living movement, one that is suspended now in the unmoving fired porcelain forms. Are the porcelain “earth” companions paused, waiting for some response, more questions to arise?

Dimension : 60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm

Année de réalisation : 2023

Matériaux : Porcelaine translucide, éclairage inférieur De, fil électrique

Technique : Galetage d’argile, texture pressée à la main, assemblage.